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I experience. I share. We listen.

Below are some testimonials from residents and family members that have made St. Anthony Health & Rehabilitation their home. We invite you to come and visit our community and talk firsthand with current residents and to take a tour!

The FIT programs are a highlight of St. Anthony Health & Rehabilitation.  Residents enjoy the social aspect of the groups, as well as the physical benefits of staying active.  Even those who do not participate physically are drawn to the positive energy of the coordinators and the groups they lead.  Individuals that are not comfortable in the group setting are still able to enjoy the benefits of the programs with one-to-one attention.  They look forward to the times they have scheduled with the coordinators.  The programs are tailored to each resident to meet their individual goals and abilities.  Keeping the residents strong and active is important for reducing falls as well as relieving stress or anxiety.  The FIT programs are a fun and inviting way to do just that.  Because the FIT coordinators are so involved, they are often the first to notice any little changes in the residents and are quick in reporting these changes to nursing staff for further monitoring.  We are lucky to have this program and these coordinators!


What I like about the FIT programs is that it’s a casual and friendly atmosphere but it challenges me. The Trainers Bridget and Rachel are nice and compassionate- they’re like my own daughters! They are both understanding and accommodating for me and other residents alike. I enjoy listening to music while I pedal; I think both help lower my blood pressure! I cannot say that I like it enough! The programs are making me stronger physically and are good for me mentally as well.


When I am touring potential new hires around St. Anthony Health & Rehabilitation, the FIT program is one of my biggest brags about St. Anthony. It is very innovative and 100% for the patient!

When we are looking to discharge a patient from therapy to your Rehabilitation Center, we know all the resources spent on that person will not just fade away. They will be able to keep up their strength, confidence, mobility, cognitive abilities and activity levels, all the while keeping as much INDEPENDENCE as they can for as long as they can!!! DIGNITY!

It also helps to decrease their fall risk, risk of isolation, risk for depression, skin breakdown, contractures, etc.

This evidence-based exercise helps us live longer, happier healthier lives!

We love you and what you do!


I can guarantee that families are loving these programs! It’s my favorite thing to report on at Care Conferences. They love to hear that their parents/husbands/wives are attending FIT to Pedal/ Balance/strengthening programs to keep them moving. Many families worry that once their loved one is in a nursing home, they’ll always be sitting in a wheelchair not doing anything. It’s great to be able to tell them that we have these programs to keep residents moving.

It has helped as an intervention for behaviors many times. Especially for residents that are mobile but at a higher risk for falls. It helps to strengthen their legs while being seated. Its helped residents who weren’t sleeping well at night to pedal for a while before bed to burn off excess energy.

So many good things!


I have rheumatoid arthritis with limited movement mostly in my arms. So I’ve started stretching with Bridget and I’ve gained movement in my arms and fingers. It’s easier for me now to move my body to the right, left and forward. I’ve gained more flexibility in those areas. I’ve gained some finger control so that I can print notes to some extent and also eat better. My legs have kept strength because of the stretches.


I just wanted to let you know what a great impression both FIT programs make on job candidates and family members.

They always mention how good it is to keep the residents mobile and the circulation moving. They comment on the music and that the residents seem to enjoy their time. I want to mention that it helps that you are so motivating and energetic.

You get the residents to do that last little push to accomplish the final goal.

Thank you so much for your commitment to our residents’ health.